Artwork Guidelines

Proper submission of graphics helps ensure timely production of your order. Please don't hesitate to contact our graphics department at for clarification of these guidelines.

Submitting An Appropriate Logo for Print

We strongly encourage you when uploading your file(s) to upload vector logos such as .AI or EPS. (These files are created in programs such as Illustrator and InDesign.)

However, if you do not have that file type we are able to work with high resolution .PSD, .JPEG, or .PNG files. (These files are created in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.)

Uploading A High Resolution Logo

Resolution determines the maximum size at which an image can be printed while retaining quality. The higher the file resolution is, the better the print quality will be. We recommend a resolution of 300 PPI (points per inch) at the dimensions your image will be printed. However, if you can only have a lower resolution image we might be able to work with it dependent on the situation.

Vector vs. Raster Art

Engraved Logos

Logos that are simple, such as the name of your company, work best for engraving. Logos containing significant details (i.e. gradients, colors, shapes) will not work well being engraved. A way to determine if your logo can be engraved is if you can imagine your logo in black. If it loses all detail, it should be printed rather than engraved.

Imprint Areas

Individual product pages show the printable dimensions of our products. Please keep in mind that these are not precise. They are meant to give you an approximate indication of how much space you have to work with. It is highly recommended that you stay within these boundaries, though sometimes we can work outside of them.

Confused, not sure what you may be interested in, or would you prefer to discuss your graphic with us over the phone?

You can also reach us at 800-447-0149 ext. 7135 or at and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine if your graphic(s) are capable for print.