Custom Swag Boxes and Kits

Our Custom Swag Boxes are completely customizable from the print on the box down to the custom insert that holds your products in place - so, your recepients get a completely elevated unboxing experience!

Start with any kit you see here, or go completely custom.

Our designers will help you every step of the way.

And of course, No Minimums!

Custom Swag Boxes

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Custom Swag Boxes That Make A Statement

Looking to show your employees or clients how much you value them? Whatever the reason, swag boxes will make a statement with custom packaging, individualized personalization, and direct fulfillment to your recipients! With custom packaging and multiple branded items, you can tailor swag to whomever you're gifting and make sure it will speak to them. Check out our prearranged swag boxes for ideas to get started!

Swag boxes can benefit your company

Whether you're looking to give employees a token of appreciation, onboard new hires or welcome clients, swag boxes are the perfect way to go above and beyond. Employee appreciation is a must for any company that wants to maximize employee retention and satisfaction.

Swag boxes are also useful for trade shows or giveaways to build excitement and increase visibility. They can be an excellent choice for new students or to reward people for a purchase to make them feel appreciated and increase customer loyalty.

Why people love swag boxes

People love free stuff! 68% of people say gifts are their love language. Swag boxes can make people feel appreciated and valued. Swag boxes with custom packaging add perceived value and excitement, from the unboxing process to the multiplicity of gifts inside.

What makes swag boxes an upscale gift option?

Our curated swag box will have high quality gifts that compliment each other and create a memorable experience, something that gifting a single item just can't do. Check out examples of swag boxes with high-quality, branded items, like our holiday kits, tech pack and education pack.

Why not try gifting swag boxes for yourself and experience the response? Not sure where to start? Just click "Chat Now" and we'll help you out! Alternatively, you can start designing products right now like branded water bottles, personalized flash drives or custom coasters to group together with custom packaging - choose an item and start customizing to be guided through uploading your artwork and selecting colors, and more!


What is a swag box?

A swag box is a group of gifts that are given together, that all have matching customization along with the packaging, usually of a company logo - but can also be photos or a message for non-promotional events.

How do I customize my custom swag box?

Select the best collection from the above options and and either click on "Customize Now" or request a quote to get in touch with one of our specialists. We'll guide you in customizing your box, personalizing products and more!

What should I put in the swag boxes?

We suggest selecting items that complement each other and are appropriate for your unique application. You can check out our collections for ideas or start from scratch by consulting with our swag box specialists. The most popular swag box gifts include custom YETI drinkware, Apple AirPods, and Bluetooth speakers.

Why should I use a custom swag box?

Custom swag boxes are perfect for onboarding new employees, contract or real estate closing gifts, contests or giveaways at tradeshows or through social media, welcoming new students, personal events, holidays and much more! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to gifting swag boxes. These gifts create excitement and increase brand visibility, customer loyalty, employee retention and more.