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From the gym to the street, to working at a cafe, everyone needs earbuds! Your employees, guests, friends and clients have a need in their life that you can solve - the need for more and better earbuds for happy ears! With your gift or giveaway of custom earbuds that proudly display your logo everywhere people listen to music privately (so, in public), you’ll both be elated - you’ll be gaining impressions while they’re listening to their favorite music.

Use earbuds to increase brand recognition and remember events

Choose from our variety of true wireless earbuds or bluetooth headphones for your next company or event gift, and print your logo on the two branding areas available on each of our products. People will spot the visible images on these earbuds from a distance with whatever color you choose, leaving lasting impressions and positive associations. It’s cheaper than traditional advertising, and people respond better because they love gifts! It’s literally a win-win.

These earbuds will go everywhere they do

Whether people are going through earbuds like candy because they’re always wearing out, or they just need a good, solid pair to get them through their daily commute or workout, CustomUSB has a variety of high-quality products to fit the equally high expectations of your people for the vehicle they use to listen to their favorite music or podcast. Even if they have a solid pair already, a fully charged backup set will become part of their routine - and with your solid design paired with excellent quality, they’re likely to make yours their go-to!

What’s included, a.k.a. what’s in it for you

Each of our earbud designs have 2 branding areas for your logo. Our bluetooth earbuds have space on the earpieces and the plate side of the controller, while true wireless earbuds have space on the earpieces and the included custom wireless charging case. Our earbuds are excellent quality with Bluetooth 5.0, 10 meter range, 3-4 hour battery life, the ideal Hz-KHz range, and noise isolation reduction. They also include controls for easy talking and listening.

The CustomUSB Custom Earbuds Promise

We promise you’ll love our earbuds, so much so that we include a lifetime warranty! There are no minimum order numbers and next-day delivery, which is the CustomUSB difference.

Try earbuds for your next giveaway - get started now to try out your design and preferred color! If you want additional giveaway ideas, check out our selection of custom bluetooth speakers and custom mugs, bottles and other drinkware. You can buy these separately or include them together in a custom gift kit for even more impact.


How are these custom earbuds made?

All of our custom earbuds are built in the USA, with a variety of materials. If you would like more details, just click on "chat now" at the bottom of the screen and we'll connect you with someone who can help.

What devices are they compatible with?

All of our wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headphones are compatible with Apple, Android and all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Are wireless earbuds available?

Yes, we have true wireless earbuds that come with charging cases. Choose from our collection of wireless earbud styles above.

How is the sound quality?

All of our Bluetooth and wireless earbuds have a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, which is the normal full range for human hearing and for headphones. Some headphones come with higher and lower ranges, but they typically cost hundreds of dollars - and it's unnecessary to have greater ranges and higher levels for most people since you would need exceptional hearing capacity to enjoy them. Infants have full hearing capacity, which goes down as we age, and is also impacted by exposure to loud no

Do the wireless headphones work with Bluetooth?

Yes, all of our wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device or smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.