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Beautiful Wireless Power, made Personal!

  • Unique tempered glass design, ultra premium feel.
  • Personalize with full graphics and individual names!
  • Available as superspeed 10 Watt power.
  • All chargers come with high speed, 5-ft cables.
and of course...

No Minimums, Delivered Next Day!

Customized Chargers | Wireless Chargers

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Looking for the next big thing to wow clients and guests at your next promotional event, that will increase visibility for your brand everywhere? Look no further - custom wireless chargers are where its at with charging tech! Choose one of our sleek designs and you'll be sure to impress - and leave strong (ongoing) impressions.

How wireless chargers will benefit your company

People love free stuff, and will use high-quality gifts for years to come. Even if they don't, they typically give them to someone who will, extending your boundary of influence even further. People will use wireless charging pads in their office, home, car and traveling, meaning others will see your branding on the 3.5-4 inch, full bleed branding area which doesn't need to be stored away, but stays visible all day long.

Why your people will love their new wireless charger

Wireless chargers don't require connecting cables to charge smartphones and other wireless-enabled devices. They simply plug into a power source and wait for a phone to be placed on them to charge. These chargers are ideal for everyone because they're so simple to use. Plus, they're gorgeous - our chargers are made with design in mind so that they're classy, lightweight and easy to transport. They're also extremely durable, and both the hardware and your logo will withstand almost any mishap people get into.

Tell us more about these chargers

Okay, we will! We offer two shapes in two materials - round or rounded-square, in a plastic or shatterproof glass option, with soft-touch, rubberized finished top plate. They are available in both 5W and 10W universal wireless charging compatible with any smartphone that is Qi-enabled (or people can purchase an adapter.) Our chargers all include edge-to-edge full color printing, safety and charge protection, and are manufactured with eco-friendly materials.

Check it out for yourself

We promise that you and your people will be over-the-moon for our wireless chargers - if not, simply return them to us hassle-free anytime - they have a lifetime guarantee. Not only will the product last, but so will your logo. We have next-day delivery available and no minimum order numbers.

Go ahead, try out your logo on these super sleek wireless chargers. Select a product and preview your logo or personalized design right away!

If you want to add other power banks or bundle in a custom kit, check out our custom power banks and portable phone chargers, as well as a lanyard and car charger.


How do wireless chargers work?

  1. Wireless charger is plugged into an outlet
  2. Phone's charging coil is placed on the charger coil
  3. Electricity creates electromagnetic field containing alternating current in the chargers' coil
  4. The coil inside of the phone enters the field and completes the circuit
  5. Charge is converted to a direct current
  6. Battery charges

How to use wireless chargers?

  • Plug the charging pad into a power source using a cable
  • Place the back of your phone onto the charging pad centered
  • When the coils are lined up, the blue light will turn on and the phone will charge

Are wireless chargers safe?

Yes. In fact, wireless chargers are actually safer than traditional chargers because they don't have to be connected by a cord - which can often pose a chocking hazard.

What devices can I charge with a wireless charger?

Smartphones released in 2018 and later are generally wireless charge 'Qi' compatible. If your phone or device is older and incompatible with wireless charging, you can purchase inexpensive cases or adapters to make it work.

In addition to phones, devices that are wireless charging Qi-enabled include tablets, earbuds and smart watches.

How quickly can I charge my phone?

Short answer: about the same time as with a wall charger.

Charge capacity is measured in watts (W), and will determine how quickly your phone will charge on the wireless charger.

Androids can charge with 15-18W, while iPhones currently only charge up to 7.5W

10W+ is best all-around:

  • For future upgrades : excess wattage won't harm your phone
  • Provides the fastest charge for all mobile devices
  • Superior high-speed charging up to 10W (Android) and 5W (Apple)